Unusual workouts

I want to come up with a bunch of unique & fun training events for this coming year. Here are some ideas I haven't done yet.
  1. Funny walks: lunges & such.
  2. NCAR repeats.
  3. Water running? Vertical kicking, certainly.
Well, that's a lame start. gonna be a challenge...

Here are ones I did...
  1. Backwards! Running, bike trainer, hills & stairs.
  2. Ergometer with the aft end elevated a few inches (to work hamstrings).
  3. Snowboarding (counts 'cause of extreme unusual pain: that's the criteria after all.)
  4. towing loaded snowboard.
  5. Running up Scott Carpenter hill (sometimes backwards) at a dead sprint. (30 reps).

1 comment:

  1. Ok, so towing one's gear on a snowboard for three hours is gonna get counted here. I think snowshoeing should too, but in this family I get no credit for that!