Eulogy for Jay / Tired of this Damn Shit.

As a boy I was surrounded by admirable men. They were brave and generous and I was happy.  I grew older taking it all for granted and one day one of them died. I miss him, and felt lost and alone. It dawned that, following through all of my life the great trail of history blazed by people gentler and stronger than I, and with all of the future pressing from behind, I now found myself alone in the van, with nothing to do but find my courage, and pick up the spear, and go forward. Because, when heroes fall, they don’t leave a vacuum, they leave YOU, and the responsibility for the future.

So be it. I will try my best to be worthy of the giants I've followed. Now, Mitch McConnell, and Donald Trump, it is my joy to find you here victorious, opposing me, because I am the very point of the spear, baby, and I’m going through you like paper-mâché.