New Year's Resolutions

This is a little more private than facebook, so I want to put the resolutions here. I'm going to be terse...
  • Never lose my temper. This is especially true at work.
  • Expand workout scope significantly, and time in small ways. This means ~7hr to 10hr/week, and (this is the fun part) at least one hour should be unique or different, make some new muscle group hurt. I'm not going to do Tri, but will keep the big 3 in high abundance. Also strength and some cross training though. 178 lb average, touching 175. (Today, was 185, but have averaged 181 over December, so that's my "real" starting point.)
  • Organize the HELL out of my HDD. I think this is a form of gardening: good for the soul and produces a nice liveable environment.
  • Write, write, write. On paper and on the computer. A novel, and a daily log. (like, a half a page a day on actual papyrus!)
  • Solve relationship problems.
  • Speak less, so as to be less boring.

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