It's the dopamine, stupid!

Lately I like this thought that my emotion is the flavor of a chemical soup in my head. All those hormones and whatnot are released by the lizard brain and glands and organs in response to what I see and eat and smell and think. A big interconnected machine. The usefulness of the metaphor is the unity of the singular soup tureen. My brain can think about different things, but all those thoughts are going to be inappropriately related because they're floating in the same sauce. It's got to be fundamentally hard to be dispassionate about an equation if I'm angry with a broken sprinkler in my yard, or hard to be angry at a frustrating coworker if I just had a great run.

Thus our perspective on all aspects of life is skewed by the singular emotive state. Real separation of thoughts is not possible. It should be no surprise that my daughter might be yelling at me about something OTHER than the dishes yet somehow it is. Revelatory I mean, to make it explicit.

How slowly I learn, to be figuring this out now!


  1. Sooooo, we (all of us) should do a bunch of little fun things throughout the day and the big boring things won't be so bad!

    A spoonful of sugar or something :)

  2. If by that comment you mean I should've taken this lesson in my Mary Poppins days, well I think you're right. :)