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Mainspring (Clockwork Earth #1)Mainspring by Jay Lake
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The blurb on the jacket says "an astounding work of creation" and I have to agree. Wow and wow again. If you spent sleepless nights thinking up zeppelins, this book is for you. It is something I could have written (if I had the stamina to write a whole "thing") meaning well imagined, jam packed with WAY cool what-if technology, but basically falls somewhat flat in characterization or any human story. The plot, though, is a roller coaster ride that would make Avatar fans howl in delight and lose their lunch.  I mean that in a good way: floating mountains and rideable telepathic pterodactyls got nuthin' on Jay Lake's world.  Oh, and he had a digging engine in book #2. It's got everything you want from (the lamentable) Boneshaker, and nothing you don't.

I want some of what he's smoking!

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